Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nestle Lion White Chocolate

I recently came across Nestle Lion chocolate bars at my favorite store, which imports goodies from Europe. There were two varieties to choose from: the original milk chocolate flavor and the white version. Naturally, I grabbed the white chocolate version to review.

My first impression upon removing the wrapper was awe at how bulky the chocolate appears to be. A white chocolate coating covers what appears to be crisped rice, giving it an almost rough look. Upon taking a bite of the bar, a lot takes place all at once: crispiness, chewiness, and crunchiness. The bar is filled with chewy caramel and crunchy wafer giving the bar an interesting and yummy middle.

My main issue with the Lion White chocolate bar is the white chocolate covering. Nothing really stands out about the white chocolate. It's not particularly flavorful, yet it's not particularly bad either. The best word to describe the white chocolate covering is "decent". The bar is saved by it's delicious interior, which gives it a small boost in score and flavor.

Price: $1.50
Score: B
Comments: Delicious caramel/wafer interior, ordinary white chocolate base.

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