Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nestle Milkybar

It's pretty difficult for me to find complaints about white chocolate bars in the same way that it's difficult for a mother to see flaws in her "perfect" child. However, I occasionally come across chocolate bars that simply don't impress too well.

The Nestle Milkybar is a popular chocolate bar in parts of Europe. So, when I saw this bar at the local import store, I had to give it a try and see what the hype is all about. The best way to describe the texture of the bar is that it's similar to an ordinary Hershey's Milk Chocoalte bar... in white chocolate form with a milky scent. The Milkybar is a plain white chocolate bar without the glitz and glam: there are no fillings or toppings.

Upon biting into the bar, I tasted a milky, sweet confection. The bar was both sweet and milky all at once. I love white chocolate that embraces milk flavor, yet the flavoring didn't seem to do anything for me this time. One thing that brought down the bar's score is the strange aftertaste it leaves. It's difficult to describe: not necessarily chalky, but a similar texture. Would I go out of my way to purchase a Milkybar again? Probably not. This white chocolate bar may be an acquired taste, or perhaps one of those chocolate bars that you grow up eating and simply stick to for nostalgia's sake.

Price: $0.99
Score: C
Comments: Plain, ordinary white chocolate bar. Milky.

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